Yellow Xanax Bar

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The yellow Xanax bar is also called “school bus Xanax” because it resembles a school bus. It is a 2 mg alprazolam pill that is produced by Actavis Pharma. The yellow Xanax has three lines dividing the bar into 4 sections. You can find the imprint R039 on the surface of the pill, with each of the four characters printed on each section.

10 reviews for Yellow Xanax Bar

  1. MargaretECrisp

    “The delivery was extremely slow this time. i was out of medicine for two weeks after i ordered this time. This was, however, the first time this happened.”

  2. ctouille

    “I have never had a problem with ordering on Anxietyantidoteshop!”

  3. tgbslb67

    “The prescription was delivered as ordered.”

  4. Daawolter

    “Great price – products came as expected.”

  5. Rick56

    “always a good job, quick delivery, exce3llent price”

  6. Odadeo

    “Pills work like the USA version !”

  7. Inhiswork

    “timely delivery and reasonable pricing”

  8. bobswen71

    “Seems to be taking longer for Yellow Xanax Bar
    to arrive but not a problem if the order is sent in early enough.”

  9. seyb

    Anxietyantidoteshop is a first-class operation. I have had several dealings with them and the product has always been delivered in excellent condition and within the time frame they promised.”

  10. gstaff

    “Always prompt service and always well pleased with service. I have used Anietyantidoteshop for some time now.”

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