White Xanax Bar

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The white Xanax bar is the most popular Xanax bar as it is the one manufactured by Pfizer. It is white in color and has XANAX clearly printed on its pill surface. It has three lines that divide the bar into four sections.


How to use Xanax?

Xanax comes in many forms. It comes in a tablet, an extended-release tablet, an orally disintegrating tablet, and a concentrated solution. However, all these forms should be taken differently.
For concentrated solution and orally disintegrating Xanax tablet:
Once to four times a day is the standard intake frequency, but each situation is different and dependent on the persons’ body and doctors advice.

9 reviews for White Xanax Bar

  1. twonapkinz

    “They delivered for me. Even though I was worried about buying from outside the US, my order came quickly and accurately. Also the product quality was wonderful and effective as advertised. I will order from them again.”

  2. jeannemp244

    “I am mostly satisfied, but the company has changed their policies and now only supply three months at a time, instead of six months. Kind of inconvenient. Plus this is the second time I either did not receive an order, or only received part of it. Kind of frustrating because it takes 4-6 weeks for a new delivery.”

  3. Johnson Thom

    Very happy with the service they offer.

  4. davnajd

    “Quick shipping. Easy transaction.”

  5. androceros

    “I got what I ordered, White Xanax Bar ,and it works!”

  6. Draxler

    “Very easy process to order and submit prescriptions”

  7. ryantilton

    “Unbeatable price, I couldn’t afford it at the pharmacy. Easy ordering and refills. Very slow shipping. Allow a full month to receive meds. Otherwise perfect.”

  8. hilbertus

    “fast and efficient service”

  9. MacDuckglass

    “my order was filled quickly and was very satisfied with the price”

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